Dominican College Athletic Pre-Game/Warmup Music Policy

Dominican College Athletic Pre-Game Music Policy

In an effort to enhance the student‐athlete experience and provide enjoyment for those in attendance, the Dominican College Department of Athletics has adopted a policy regarding music that is played prior to each team’s game. The policy/guidelines mentioned below are made in accordance with NCAA Game Environment guidelines for Division II contests.

Pregame music is NOT solely for the enjoyment of the team. It is also to enhance the entertainment experience of those people in attendance. Student‐athletes must consider the larger audience when selecting their music. Please use variety, the music should not be completely one genre.  While teams enjoy having music played prior to their games, student‐athletes also need to realize that families attend your events; often with young children. This form should be read by all student‐athletes prior to submitting any pre-game music for consideration.

With that in mind, please note the following policies: 

1. Music must be submitted on CD, flash drive or ipod for review to Director of Sports Information or Assistant Director of Sports Information at least 72 hours (three days) prior to the start of the game. This includes any changes made during the season. Music must be accompanied by a play list that includes the title of each track and the artist. Teams should submit a minimum of 60 minutes of music.

2. CDs delivered to the scorer’s table, press box, or other areas where a sound system is located on a game day, will not be used. 

3. Any track that includes language or subject matter inappropriate for public broadcasting in a family environment will be eliminated. Inappropriate subject matter includes (but is not limited to) overt references to sex, violence, drug use, alcohol use, racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. “Edited” or “clean” tracks are highly recommended, but a “clean” track can still be eliminated due to inappropriate subject matter. The Director of Sports Information and Assistant Director of Sports Information will make the final determination on any track. If it’s questionable, please don’t include it in the screening process. 

4. If the Director of Sports Information or Assistant Director of Sports Information eliminates more than two tracks from a CD/playlist, none of the tracks will be used. It will be returned to the team with an explanation of the problems. The team will have an additional opportunity to submit a new CD/playlist. If the new CD/playlist contains more than two inappropriate tracks the team will lose the privilege of submitting pre‐game music for the remainder of the season. 

5. All music will be played off of CDs or off of an iPod (if a connection is available). Exceptions can be made to include laptop computers, providing the same screening process is used. 

6. Music will be played in the order submitted on the CD/playlist. Any comments directed at members of game operations staff deemed to be derogatory or deemed as excessive – i.e. – “Turn it up, change the song, play our music, etc…” will result in game operations staff taking control of ALL music played at the venue for the remainder of that day and may result in loss of all music privileges for the offending team(s). 

7. In‐game music will be at the discretion of the PA announcer or other person designated to play music. 

8. Music will begin prior to a contest as listed below:

  • Baseball/softball: 90 minutes prior to game time or as close to the start of scheduled pre‐game batting practice as possible. Once infield/outfield is completed, the music selection reverts to the game operations staff.
  • There will be no “walk‐up” or pitching songs in baseball or softball
  • Basketball: A maximum of 60 minutes prior to tip off
  • Volleyball: A maximum of 60 minutes prior to first serve
  • Lacrosse:  A maximum of 60 minutes prior to first faceoff/draw
  • Golf/Cross Country: N/A
  • NOTES – With outdoor sports, weather conditions may dictate the elimination of music being played if deemed unsafe for equipment.  Also, please keep in mind that certain facilities are not equipped to provide any pre-game music.