Dominican College Athletic Training Department


The Dominican College Athletic Training Department is committed to providing the best health care for all Dominican College student-athletes.

The athletic training room at Dominican College is staffed by three certified athletic trainers.  If you have questions for the athletics training staff, please feel free to contact us.

Samantha James, MS, ATC/L
Head Athletic Trainer
Phone: 845-848-7709

John Galvany, ATC/L
Assistant Athletic Trainer
Phone: 845-848-7726

John Caputo, ATC, CSCS, USAW-L1SP
Assistant Athletic Trainer/Strength and Conditioning Coach
Phone: 845-848-7726



Medical Requirements For Sports Participation

Please complete All Forms on the checklist below.  These forms are required each year that a student-athlete will participate in a sport.  

These medical forms are the foundation of your medical records as a student-athlete at Dominican College.  This information will be used for reference whenever a consulation for illness or injury takes place.  The information contained in these forms is accessible only to the professional staff of Health Services and the Athletics Department.  It will not be released without written authorization of the student or pursuant to a lawfully issued subpoena.

All forms must be completely filled out before any student-athlete will be eligible to participate in intercollegiate sports at Dominican College.  You are not eligible for pre-season workouts, practices, scrimmages, tryouts or games without all the forms completed.  THERE IS NO EXCEPTION TO THIS RULE.

All incoming freshmen and transfer students are required to have the orthopedic physical your first year of participation in intercollegiate sports.  This examination will be completed in the AT Room by our team physicians.  You will be notified by your head coach when these examinations are scheduled.  This examination is free for you as a student-athlete.  If you are unable to attend, you will be responsible for completing on your own and at your own expense.  You will not be reimbursed for the cost.


1. Complete the Athletics Physical Form by Primary Care Physican and upload to Medicat patient portal.  Click here to access the Athletics Physical Form.

2. Upload Sickle Cell Solubility Test Results to Medicat partient portal

3. Upload Front and Back Copy of Insurance Card to Medicat patient portal

4. Complete ALL Athletic Forms on Medicat patient portal. The patient portal can be found on under useful links or by clicking here 

5. Complete Emergency Contact and Insurance Forms on ARMS link by clicking here



NCAA Division II legislation mandates that all student-athletes be tested for sickle cell trait or show proof of prior test result.  Copies of the official lab results must be uploaded to Medicat.  Written notes from the doctor or marking their status on the physical form will not be accepted.

How to get tested for Sickle Cell Trait

1. Get tested by your primary care physician.

  • If you were born in the United States, most people were tested at birth.  However, mandatory testing for newborns varies state-to-state.  Your pediatrician should have your test results on file.
  • Get tested as part of your pre-participation physical as prescribed by your doctor.

2. For those student-athletes that need to be tested, but have no insurance to cover the cost, the NCAA has an agreement with Quest Diagnostics.   (Must be 18 years old or older).

  • This is a patient-centered laboratory test ordering service and the student-athlete will pay by credit card online for the fees associated with this testing ($32.50).
  • Student-athletes can expect their results to be ready between 1-7 days, on average.  The student-athletes will go to the following website to generate their test order, pay for the SCT screening test and physician service, and print a Quest Diagnostics test requisition form.

  • The student-athlete MUST take the Quest Diagnostics test requisition form (generated after making a payment on the website) to a Quest Diagnostics Lab to have their blood drawn. 
  • Test results will go back to PWN Health online site for review. Results will be posted to their website for the student-athlete to view and PRINT. 
  • If a test result is positive, the student-athlete will receive an email with a link to go back online to request and pay for the confirmation testing ($30) through the online system.

For more information on Sickle Cell Trait check out the NCAA’s webpage:



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